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RIB F-RIB folding RIB boat is a modification of the classic RIB with a folding bottom. Patented technologies and time-tested solutions (production of the first boats began in 2008) leave no doubt about the reliability of the boats.

F-RIB Assembling takes a minimum of time, does not require the use of special tools, does not require a trailer for transportation, does not require space in the marina, and takes up minimal storage space.

F-RIB presented in three versions: Foldable RIB, Classic RIB, Foldable Sail RIB

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All inflatable boats are comfortable and reliable during operation. But even the use of the most modern technologies and materials in the manufacture of inflatable boats with a soft bottom does not free owners from assembling/disassembling the craft, cleaning, drying and repairing punctures. In addition, when hitting a drift, the floorboards often fly out and injure crew members.

But progress does not stand still. The designers of F-RIB created a boat with a rigid folding bottom. To do this, they combined a conventional inflatable boat and a specially created folding hard bottom, which ultimately led to the emergence of a new type of boat, the “Foldable RIB.”

Currently, F-RIB boats are produced in different sizes and for different purposes: for lovers of fishing, hunting, equipping for yachts (dinghy), campers and other purposes where structural reliability, low weight and compact transport dimensions are required.

Inflatable tubes do not resist movement because… come into contact with water in exceptional cases, when the boat “jumps” along the crests of waves or “splashes down” on its back at the moment of passing a passing wave. Tubes can be compared to car shock absorbers: they also soften vibrations and shocks. Thanks to the smooth bottom, the boat holds its course perfectly and quickly goes on plane even when equipped with a not very powerful motor. This helps you save on fuel purchases and have more space in the cockpit.